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It was our goal from the beginning to do things different and better in Mexico! Mike & Parrish are proud to say that our projects now sell out much prior to completion or in some cases, prior to releasing publicly. Below is a selection of our accomplishments & current projects.


What makes us different?

Our clients mean everything to us. Unlike conventional property developers, we personally take the time to meet each and every one of our clients. Face to Face. Many of these clients become our friends. Even clients through realtor channels we are more than happy to spend time getting to know you.

Purchasing real estate in Mexico may seem like a daunting task to some. It is our personal goal to make you feel as comfortable as possible ensuring you understand the process. With our eight-plus years of experience in Mexico, we have the knowledge and personal available to ensure a smooth hassle free transaction.

Invest in a brand that is passionate about what they do, who you can rely on and trust. Caban Condos - your trusted Canadian developer in Yucatan, Mexico.

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